Monday, 3 June 2013

Mermaid Waves

Yesterday I visited the hairdressers for a trim on my hair, nothing too drastic as I want to continue growing it. The salon was so lovely and the staff were very friendly. I had my hair washed with Paul Mitchell shampoo and conditioner which smells amazing! My hair still smells of it now, a whole 24+ hours later! Once the stylist had cut my hair she dried it and then styled it using GHD's. She added curls to my hair which she called 'Mermaid Waves' I had never heard of these before but they were so simple and effective to create! I could easily recreate them myself at home, which I plan to do in the future :)
Some examples of 'Mermaid Waves' are shown below...

How to do your own 'Mermaid Waves'
You can create 'Mermaid Waves' by using a curling iron or straighteners, however these instructions are using straighteners as this is how the hairdresser showed me how to do them:)
1. Firstly take a small section of dry hair
2. Hold the straighteners at the top of the strand of hair near to your root
3. Keeping the top of the straightener facing towards the ground, flip the straightener 180 degrees and pull down slowly till you reach half way of the strand
4. Then flip the straightener the other way, 180 degrees until you reach the bottom of your hair 
5. Repeat these steps until your hair is how you want it
6. Finally hairspray and you are good to go!
I hope this has been useful and have fun creating your own 'Mermaid Waves'!
With love daish


  1. Great post! I really like this type of wave! :)


    1. Ah thank you!! You are the first person to ever comment on my blog, yay! I hope i'm doing this right! haha! Thank you very much! xoxo